Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Foods Can Lower Creatinine

When kidneys are damaged, they fail to remove wastes from body, thus leading to elevated creatinine level. What foods can lower creatinine?

How does elevated creatinine level occur?
Creatinine is made from the breakdown of creatine phosphate from the muscles. Healthy kidneys filter out most creatinine. Higher creatinine indicates kidney damage or failure. A renal diet can help reduce strain on kidneys, so your creatinine levels will become lower.

A renal diet restricts the intake of proteins, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. In patients with advanced kidney disease, a diet designed to lower creatinine levels. Most renal diets require you to monitor and limit your protein intake. It can reduce the workload of the kidneys. While eating less sodium, phosphorus and potassium prevents these substances from building up in the bloodstream. Reducing fluids intake can help control blood pressure and reduce the swelling.

With a reduced workload, the kidneys do not have to work as hard to maintain normal fluid and electrolyte balances. Eating less protein reduces the amount of creatinine the body produces. Both of these things make it easier for the kidneys to filter creatinine out of the blood and reduce creatinine levels. Following this type of diet may also slow the progression of kidney disease.

As the creatinine levels and the condition varies from person to person, the diet should also vary based on individualized condition. If you want to get more suggestions on your foods to lower creatinine, please email to or visit our website

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